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Tour Busses & Tour Groups are always welcome at Circle K Ranch. We are located just 1 mile East off of Freeway 99, making Circle K Ranch a convenient stop for you as you pass through.

Circle K Ranch offers tours of the packing house and neighboring orchards. This makes for an unforgettable and educational experience that won’t be forgotten soon. The best time for tours is during the Summer and Fall as this is when the farm & packing house are in full production. The tour guide will take your group around the farm where you will see orchards of peaches, plums and nectarines, along with vineyards of table grapes and raisins. Your group will hear about the ranches and the different activities which may be taking place at that time and all that leads to the harvest of the various fruits.

No group is too small or too large for a tour. All we ask is to please contact us about a week before your visit so that we are sure to schedule your group in for a tour.